Intensive Language Course for Professional People

Intensive 5 days for executives that give better results than 8 months of in-company classes.

Course description:

  • 72 hours of class, practice and activities with a native Spanish teacher.  The course is adapted to the needs level and objectives of each student.  Doing a residential course allows you make the most of every moment as it’s total immersion in communicating, thinking and living in Spanish. Olé!.
    Classes are dynamic, the art of language teaching has to be active, stimulating and two-way.  The peak performance of our students is thanks to motivation along with the absence of distractions, wasted time or cancelled classes.
    The controlled environment we create allows free flowing banter and makes even the shyest or least confident person feel at ease, we are firm believers in positive feedback.
    As regards free time activities there is a lot on offer from books and movies, a beer before dinner, a modern sports centre with 25 metre pool, mountains galore and the longest double zip-wire in Europe only 5 minutes by car,in Panticosa.  Pals has a beach, a golf course and some very pretty villages nearby..
    Course duration: Our executive Spanish courses start at 7:30pm on Sundays and finish the following Friday at 5pm.

What the course entails:

  • O’Sullivans -The Language School  intensive language courses are geared towards highly motivated adults.  We work with every sector from executives to designers, doctors and sportspeople.  Whatever your company or work sphere we adapt to you.  We make your language objectives our own and improve your ability to communicate every step of the way.  We create a learning environment where you are free to ask and have time to analyze all the tricky elements of the language that challenge you at work.

The five key factors:

  • Our team has the know how and social skills to gauge your progress using these five key indicators.
  1. Idiomatic expressions
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Structure
  4. Speaking
  5. Listening comprehension

Our students feel they learn so much more by disconnecting with their daily routine and getting back to nature, fresh air , short walks and the best food.
Our programmes are intensive, residential, made-to-measure and exactly right for people who have to communicate effectively in an international setting.
We make the most of every minute giving you value for your investment both in terms of time and money.
Classes are two-way; the best way to learn.  We believe in the art of conversation and its importance in networking across borders.
Our mother tongue (L1) is the structure we build in the language centre of the brain, in fact according to language acquisition experts this system is formed by the age of 18 months!  Our new language (L2) fits within this structure and it’s often a question of time repetition and good instruction,  all of which you get at O’Sullivans- The Language School.

It’s easy to get here and to get home.  Please call us or send an e-mail for transport options, we are here to help!.

You improve.  You get a boost in your level in terms of listening , pronunciation and vocabulary.  You structure your sentences more correctly.

With no distractions, cancelled classes or wasted time you appreciate your progress and therefore get into a positive cycle of motivation and progress; the “yes, I can” factor.

Positive feedback from professional teachers with accents and personalities add the human element that complements online courses that the student may be following the rest of the year.