Immersion in Spanish for 65 hours “One to One”

Five days without being away from your office.


 Executive Shadow Programme:

  • This programme is aimed at professional people who need an intensive Spanish Language course and can set aside the time yet can’t leave the place of work.
  • A teacher with over 20 years experience goes to your office, coffee breaks and lunches, for up to 12 hours a day.
  • A learning environment is created where you are free to ask and have the time to analyze all those tricky elements of the language that challenge you at work.
  • Help is given in preparing and rehearsing presentations, phone calls. video conferences meetings, negociations e-mails and any other business where you use Spanish.
  • The teacher gets to know your facilities, services and products and equips you with the tools to speak confidently about them on the world stage.
  • Learn and revise general business words and expressions as well as social and restaurant language.
  • This is all done within an environment of cooperation, confidentiality and flexibility on the teachers part (the student may need to attend to something that comes up unexpectedly) and gives tried and tested results for every euro you or your company has invested in your developement.


Duración del curso: Courses generally start at 7:30pm on Sundays and finish at 5:30pm on Fridays.

Timetable: On Sundays at 7:30 the teacher and student meet and get to know each other before having dinner together.  From Monday to Friday the timetable is from 8am to 7:.30pm the specifics of which can be worked out according to the student’s diary.  Both have lunch together every day .

Price: 2,660€. The price includes 65 hours of class and the material used.  The needs and level test carried out beforehand.  Sunday dinner and lunch from Monday to Friday.