Why is learning Spanish at O’Sullivans- The Language School the best option?


  • We have created an environment where language and communication are paramount, your teachers are your ready-made friends guiding you at all times.
  • You won’t be left to wander the streets alone (unless you want to).  Every moment is accounted for so you make the most of your time.
  • Top class Spanish cuisine, coffee and wine at dinner.
  • Beautiful weather; Panticosa is sunny all year round and Pals boasts a perfect Costa Brava climate.
  • Every measure has been taken to ensure your comfort and geared towards creating a learning environment.
  • Getting to both our venues is easy: Pals is near Girona and Barcelona.  Panticosa is less than two hours from Zaragoza airport, an hour from Huesca station with direct high speed trains to Madrid and Barcelona and less than two hours to Pau airport (France).
  • Our venues are quiet villages.  People are easy going and willing not only to chat but to help you express yourself.  Everything is a short walk away.
  • The student feels disconnected from work and can really make progress, many busy people have said that it’s the only way that works for them.

Why are Panticosa and Pals ideal venues?

  • Both places are spectacularly beautiful, isolated, very quiet, yet easily accessible.
  • Our school is well established, so over the years our collaborators, hotels restaurants etc. have worked in tandem with us, sharing our objectives and aware of your needs, therefore making the most of your time.

The day seems very intensive.  Is this really the best way to learn Spanish?

  • For most working adults spending a few months in another country is not a viable option.  Our system is the next best thing.
  • Learning a language needs a good teacher to make you talk, lose the initial shyness, coax you and cajole you towards effective communication.
  • Our students have seen that going to class for 3 or 4 hours a week is a great way to keep their Spanish fresh and alive yet they sometimes feel at a standstill for the following reasons:
    1.The reality is that meetings, business travel and unexpected commitments take over preventing consistency.2.When the student does make it to class he or she is often tired, distracted, unable to concentrate and is just starting to settle down when the time is up.

    3. Some students feel they repeat the same exercises year in year out.

  • Our system gives quick returns on your investment.
  • Our students get into the mindset within an hour of getting here and most discover that they find it funny the next morning on arrival home trying to click back into their own language.  Optimal use of time combined with structured methods and class material handpicked for each individual is the perfect recipe .
  • The pace and ambiance combine to make real headway, causing our students to say time and again that a week with us is as good if not better than a year using traditional methods.
  • Even though the students feel more fluent on the last day, many say they realize the extent of their improvement a few weeks later when they have absorbed everything.

Why aren’t the courses held closer to the big cities ?

  • Taking the student away from their daily routine is crucial.
  • We had previously worked near the big cities and found the student was interrupted far more by phone calls and e-mails and even on some occasions had to go back to the office.
  • Yet we are still within an hour of the high speed train (AVE) and within two hours from Zaragoza airport if something urgent did come up.
  • Nowadays the courses finish on Friday evening so that the student has the rest of the weekend to relax.

Why only six days ?

  • They are six very intensive days.  The student is kept busy and is satisfied with their knowledge by the last day and is anxious to put it all into practice in the real world.
  • We are only human and a week of new information takes time to absorb..
  • Our teachers had experimented with longer courses in the past and found people were beginning to get exhausted on day seven.
  • Six days with Saturday to rest before the course fits in with family life and work schedules.
  • Once the course has finished we recommend you wait a month or two before doing another as we have seen repeat students get better results when they have had time to soak up what they learnt on the first week.

Is the method suitable for any level?

Yes it is, because everybody has their own needs and objectives regarding a new language, such as:

  • A complete beginner will acquire a solid foundation on which to continue, they will get expert help and guidance on avoiding pitfalls and get a good grasp on what the language is about.
  • For students who learnt Spanish as an academic language and never really got a chance to practice, this is the perfect chance to put everything together and to be able to perform on the world stage.
  • Our trainers will help you not only gain confidence but also give you the tools to sell your ideas, express your opinions and disagree where needed!.
  • Quite a few students with advanced levels come to practice an important speech or presentation (or even a job interview) and we plan the whole week around this one topic, focussing on pace, breathing, body language, pronunciation, intonation and taking and answering questions.

Is the course really adapted to me and my needs?

  • Yes it is, from the word go we assess your level, plan your way, study your company and sector (and hobbies) and source material just for you.