Intensive Courses for Spanish Language Teachers A2, B1, B2, C1

75 hours of practice, activities and interaction with native teachers.

The goal: To prepare teachers for every element of the B2 / C1 exam.  We also spend some time helping the participants to plan and teach their classes based on CLIL methodology.  The venue is a small pretty village in the central Pyrenees where local people are willing to chat and their pronunciation is clear.


Speaking, listening,reading and writing.

The reference used for grammar is the Common European Framework for languages.

Groups of 8-10 students: We adapt to the level, needs, size and objectives of your group.  Smaller groups can be considered.
Course lenght: Courses start at 7:30 on Sundays and finish on Fridays at 5pm.  Of course this may be changed according to your group’s travel plans.

Daily TImetable:
08:00 Breakfast
08:30 First Class
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Second Class
13:45 Lunch
15:15 Third Class
17:00 Break
17:15 Fourth Class
18:15 Study, preparation or activities
21:00 Dinner
22:15 After dinner chat or a game.

The practical work done outside class with your trainers (lunch, games, chat ..)is equally important to the classroom sessions.

We can help with your travel plans when your group is travelling from outside Spain.

When rooms are no longer available at the O’Sullivans centre we offer accomodation at the nearby (100 metres) Hotel Vicente.

Dates For Language Teachers Courses B2/C1 2017:
Holy Week and Easter
– D
– D

Summer Courses
– D

– D

– D

Prices 2017

Prices include the course, teaching material and full board accommodation.

Venue: O’Sullivans –The Language School Centre

• Double Room Sharing 570 €
• Single Room 650 €

Venue: Hotel Vicente

• Double Room Sharing 630 €
• Single Room 710 €


Our students feel they learn so much more by disconnecting with their daily routine and getting back to nature, fresh air , short walks and the best food.
Our programmes are intensive, residential, made-to-measure and exactly right for people who have to communicate effectively in education.
We make the most of every minute giving you value for your investment both in terms of time and money.
Classes are two-way; the best way to learn.  We believe in the art of conversation and its importance in stimulating your students.
Our mother tongue (L1) is the structure we build in the language centre of the brain, in fact according to language acquisition experts this system is formed by the age of 18 months!  Our new language (L2) fits within this structure and it’s often a question of time repetition and good instruction,  all of which you get at O’Sullivans- The Language School.

It’s easy to get here and to get home.  Please call us or send an e-mail for transport options, we are here to help!


You improve.  You get a boost in your level in terms of listening , pronunciation and vocabulary.  You structure your sentences more correctly.

With no distractions, cancelled classes or wasted time you appreciate your progress and therefore get into a positive cycle of motivation and progress; the “yes, I can” factor.

Positive feedback from professional teachers with accents and personalities add the human element that complements online courses that the student may be following the rest of the year.

Our students tell us that 6 days at  O’Sullivans is as good as 8 months in a traditional September to June course.