A day at O’Sullivans’ Spanish Course

Let’s take a look at typical day during the six day course which starts at 7:30 pm on Sundays and finishes at 6pm the following Friday.

The day can last up to 14 hours.

curso intensivo ingles

8:00 am Breakfast

Breakfast time and conversation flows with the first coffee.

8:30am First Class

Every class revolves around the five elements of language learning; vocabulary, structure, expressions, speaking and listening.

11:00 am Coffee break
The coffee break gives us a chance to catch up on the other students and teachers, chat about anything under the sun and practice social language skills.

11:30 am Second Class

Second class may include presentations, expressions for meetings or simply explaining your work in detail, all the while improving structure, pronunciation  and intonation.

1:45 pm Lunchtime

Lunchtime is a chance to chat to another teacher while your teacher has lunch with another student.  You will hear other accents while looking through the menu, learn restaurant vocabulary and as a result feel far more confident the next time you entertain a foreign guest.

3:15 pm Third Class

This may include DVD audio or internet based work.

5 pm Break

A well-deserved break and chance to stretch your legs with your teacher, maybe for a short walk with spectacular mountain views in Panticosa or breathing in the sea air on the beach path or the golf course (whispering of course) at Pals.

5:15 pm Fourth Class

Again the content of each class depends on your needs and your rhythm yet always focussing on the five elements we mentioned earlier.

6:15 Homework time followed by free time or vice-versa.
We recommend going over everything done in class and following our revision techniques to help absorb new concepts.  There are plenty of leisure activities in both venues, ranging from a cool drink on a terrace to a spinning class at the local sportscentre.

9 pm Dinnertime
Dinnertime is another great opportunity to put what you learnt in class into practice.

10 pm After Dinner
Time to chat or play a quick board game.  Catch an episode of your favourite series in your new language or simply call it a day and get some well deserved rest.

We encourage everybody to take part in each break and activity as they are essential parts of the learning process.