O’Sullivans – The Language School

O’Sullivans – The Language School  has been designing and teaching intensive language training programmes for professionals and companies for over 25 years.  Over that time we have been constantly updating our teaching methods, tools and materials while continuously upskilling and training our teaching team to meet the language requirements of our  clients and to enable our students to communicate effecively on  the international stage.  These clients range from multi-national companies, SMEs, state owned and semi-state bodies, government ministries, media organisations, international foundations and institutions to profesionals from all disciplines, politicians, diplomats and top sports people.

Three key Elements:

-The Right Environment.  Our intensive residential courses are usually held in beautiful isolated places such as Panticosa in the Spanish Pyrenees or Pals, a secluded resort on the Costa Brava.  Here students can disconnect from the pressures and distractions of their professional lives, relax in spectacular surroundings and focus 100% on developing their comunication skills in another language. We have created a setting, a total immersion course, where partipants are exposed to and comunicate exclusively in the language which they are studying,  From breakfast right through to bed-time they are accompanied by highly experienced and specialist native teachers. The teachers not only teach but also encourage, correct and motivate students continously as they learn and more importantly practise the language.

-Your Course –  Meeting Your Needs.  Long before starting your training programme you will undergo an exhaustive needs analysis with our Director of Studies. Here we detect your current level, specific language requirements ( eg. Work/sector/ department/ specialised vocabulary. The context in which you use the language eg, travel, presentations, negotiations, processes, video conferencing, training, reporting etc) and your personal goals. Once we have completed this process our teachers will design a tailor-made, personalised course for you.

-Our Teaching Team . Every one of our teachers is, native, fully qualified and very experienced in intensive training programmes for professionals. Over the years they have acquired a wealth of knowedge and developed resources to teach students from most professional backgrounds.  Teachers have specialised in business areas such as finance, marketing, supply chain mangement, project management, human resources and so on.  They have welcomed and designed courses for students from  a wide range of sectors ( agri, energy, pharmaceuticals, construction, IT, aeronautics,  aerospace, chemical, banking, real estate,  millitary, logistics, heavy engineering and many more).  Our teachers always focus course content  and context to meet our students’  specific needs.